The official “Arteta” coupled with women’s coaches to extend a long contract before the end of the season

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Arsenal have announced a new three-year contract with men’s head coach Mikel Arteta, tied at the end of the 2024-25 season, alongside head coach Jonas Idevall. New long-term commitments as well

Arteta took over as Arsenal ‘s boss at the end of 2019 and immediately won the FA Cup ufabet in his first season. Then we continue the project to claim Champions League tickets until there is an omen in the third season of its own.  

with clear club directions Outstanding for giving young players a chance to hunt for future success. The management did not hesitate to catch this new blood Zhuge Liang, a long-term commitment.  

” I am very excited , overjoyed and very happy today, ” Arteta told the official website.  

“ When discussing with Josh ( Kroenki ) , president of our club , he looked at the organization in the same goal. And I would like to see the team continue in that direction as I would. ” 

” So everything Josh said , everything Stan [ Kroenki ] said when I spoke with the two CEOs – they fully supported it. ” 

“ We all want to take the club to the next level. and fight with the top teams in a worthy way which to do that First we have to go to the Champions League . ” 

“ So gradually evolve the team , develop our team , develop all sectors , interact more with our fans , enhance the atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium , recruit elite personnel. Bring the best to the club to drive the plan to the next level. ” 

Incidentally, for Idevall recently moved from Swedish team Rosengard in the summer . Then form a female team to play football fun. Fighting the big legs of Europe without embarrassment therefore accepting a new contract for another 2 years, ending the 2023-24 season