Ruyi admits to being heartbroken after Villarreal was eliminated from the Champions League

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Villarreal’s Argentine goalkeeper Geronimo Ruyi took to Instagram to admit he felt “broken” following the Champions League semi-final elimination. But proud of the results and confirmed that he will return to the European stage with more determination. As reported by Mundo Deportivo on Friday. 

Ruyi ‘When you let your heart and soul find unforgettable moments, no blame. And today I can calmly say that I feel that way.’

‘Today Villarreal is bigger than yesterday. And that’s what really matters. Seeing our badge as one of Europe’s top four teams is something to be proud of and a memory to remember.’

‘We were at the goal of the final and personally with broken hearts not being able to help the team as I would. but with the satisfaction of having teammates and above all Amazing fan base’

‘Thank you for fighting with us every ufabet game, every play and every minute as if they were one another and without a doubt we will return to Europe with more appetite than ever!’ eye gram