“Robertson” urged the swans not to underestimate the chicken, pointing out better than the beginning of the season

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Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson rouses the team’s concentration before the league game against Spurs (May 7). That this is a pair of opponents who have developed more performance than at the beginning of the season.

Accumulation Because the size has not yet fit into the picture. It can still only draw 2-2. But this can catch their own way the difficulty is multiply.

Back in the middle of Dec. 2021 , the game at the ‘ Golden Spikes Chicken ‘ coop , even head coach Antonio Conte came to catch the event for a short time. Still standing and sniffing the ‘ Reds ‘ close , plus Robertson was directly sent off by a red card ufabet.  

So switching to Anfield is expect to be the same tension. And it wouldn’t be as easy as in the past where Liverpool won 3 consecutive league games with clean sheets, all hitting 7 goals .  

“ Hang Haeng because I think they are better now than before . Sign a contract, bring good quality footballers to the market in January and make a difference for the team. ” Opening the mouth with the official website.

” That’s why they’ve come up into the top four and the best players in their opponents have managed to bring out a high level of performance. ” 

“ So we have to deal with the threat of Tottenham well because of the sting. But at the same time believing that the team is good enough to fight the war as well. That’s what needs to be done. Threw out the best work. not below standard which, if able, can win every football game This Saturday is no exception .

“ But it has to be a very tough job, we know Conte always makes teams that are difficult to beat. ”

“ We want a winning result. While the competitors want to continue the performance of 3 points , each side has a goal, the more we hope to hunt for the league title. You have to hey first to stay on the path. ”   

Asian Handicap for Liverpool per half combined -5 goals total over – under 3 goals -10