Rice shines a job into the clip, exposing him to scolding Bao for taking bribes to Frankfurt

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West Ham captain Declan Rice has faced a retrospective ban from UEFA. After a video leaked of him cursing at a referee during their Europa League semi-final second leg defeat to Frank. Frankfurt 0-1 yesterday that the Amis paid a sweet whistle for the locals.

The Hammers shattered their dreams of securing a second European Cup final as they got knocked out with two goals 3-1 on aggregate, the kind that left- back Aaron Cresswell was sent off at 17 minutes for pulling opponents. single drop ufabet

Even with only the first yellow card But when VAR checks and black shirts, Jesus Kill Manzano changes his mind to add a red card. This caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the West Ham players .  

Who will still give a red card to kick the team manager David Moyes out of the field because of the intention of kicking the ball to hit the head of a child to collect the ball. Because he threw the ball to him like a request to go? Good deeds.

The rage accumulating in the 23 – year-old midfielder’s bosom led him to blatantly follow Spain’s Paulo. 

“ Hey Pao ! Judge ! Blowing like this sucks. ” Footage unfolds the England midfielder.

“ Performed poorly all night. How can a sparrow like this come to blow ?” 

“ Frankly, did you take the money ? This mother fucker is corrupt. ” 

It is good evidence to tie Rice next. UEFA will wait for a report from the referee to issue a penalty for captain ‘ The Hammer ‘ from the continental club championship game.