Carragher pointed out that the boat lost to the Swans had two benefits

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Ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has pointed out that the former club benefit in two ways from Manchester City‘s Champions League defeat to Real Madrid.

         “White King” turned over “Sailboat” brilliantly 3-1 in the second leg of the playoffs. Making a total of two games to win 6-5 through to the final. Which Carragher sees as the “Reds” benefit from the results of the two competitions. By looking at Carlo Ancelotti’s team ufabet as an easier opponent in the Champions League game Including the defeat. That affects the spirit of Pep Guardiola’s team, of course.

         “It helps Liverpool in two ways, I think psychologically. It will be a big blow for Manchester City, not just because of the league,” Carragher said.

         “I think every big club expects to do well or indeed the situation Manchester City are going to win in a minute or so, psychologically. This weekend’s game is going to be really tough. I still expect them to win the game against Newcastle.”

  “But for Liverpool there are two things, they don’t have to play against Man City which everyone is relieved. Manchester City are a better team than Real Madrid. But when you reach the Champions League final To think losing to an opponent would be a much worse feeling than losing to a foreign team like Real Madrid.”

         “There will also be no pressure on Liverpool to win the Premier League if City win the league and then have another final against them. The pressure to make sure you win is huge.”

         “I think they can [win four trophies] Liverpool are the favorites in the FA. Cup in terms of players. They are favorites against Real Madrid and Manchester City are not much better than the league champions.”

         “I think if Liverpool were to play against Manchester City in the Champions League final. I think Manchester City would be the favorites a lot more than them.”